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hi.    i m akanksha. i study online through 2tion.com.reading through 2tion.com is great fun. i am enjoying a lot.the best thing about 2tion.com is that the students get a step by step support from customer care and more.the teachers also support very much and u know what,the most important thing is that u get full freedom from going to tuition centers  .                                                           with best regards

" It was a new beginning, a beginning which created much difference. www.2tion.com is not just a venture to promote e - learning, its something that helps people like me to put off a sincere effort to teach the real aspirants of knowledge. It is family now, feeling nice to work with a team with a mission."


Dear Sir,

Thanks for 2tion.com for giving me proper guidance and training to start online tuitions.
I am happy that i am a premium tutor of 2tion.com.


Hello I am Nagesh Choudhary from Mumbai. First of all I would like to thank the entire team of 2tion.com for making such a wonderful website. This website is very important for me as well as for all those students who have no time to go out for private tuition. It is the best and easiest way to get home tutors for any subject. It also creates an interactive environment between student and tutor and helps to build up self confidence.
I have joined the 2tion .com for English speaking course from last two weeks and it is helping me to improve my English. My tutor is Arpita Banerjee she is a highly qualified tutor. She has a unique ability to catch the weakness of students and remove it easily. She teaches like a friend which helps to remove the hesitation. Thanks to 2tion.com and my teacher.
Nagesh Choudhary

Mr. Nagesh Choudhary


I would like to thank Arpita mam for the kind of support and confidence she has given me throughout the 2 weeks of my communication classes with her. She not only teaches me how to be fluent in English but also the basics of speaking and writing correct English. The best thing about her way of teaching is that she makes me speak a lot and do lot of interesting assignments. Initially I was not confident of the online teaching method, but one of my friends told me about www.2tion.com and how useful the site is. He gave me the contact details of some tutors and then I contacted Arpita mam. I have benefited from the online teaching facility. It saves a lot of time and gives me flexibility in taking time out of my busy schedule to learn English sitting at home.


I was very desperate when I failed in my Maths exam of the pre-final year. But my tutor, Prof. Arumugam has helped me a lot and created interested in Mathematics with individual attention. After just 3 three hour sessions I had my confidence back and managed to score high in my exam. He really does make it seem much easier!! Thanks a lot for my professor and the whole team of 2tion.com.      Maheswari.S.M.

I would like to say a few words regarding my online career. My introduction into online career is a good omen with 2tion.com.
First, I've got Indian employees settled abroad as students to teach IELTS, English Literature and Spoken English.

Lately, I've got one Egyptian doctor as my IELTS student, it made me to write this. It has been observed that some patches of
Africa are in dire need of English besides non-English countries.

Premium Tutor Bhashini.     www.bhashini.co.cc

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